Friday, May 25, 2012

Peru will be the First South American Country to Regulate Server-Based Gaming

By Carlos A. Fonseca Sarmiento

This month, the gaming authority in Peru published on its web page the project to allow the functioning of server-based gaming for slot machines.

One of the novelties is the server can be located anywhere in the world. But if the server is not located in the casino, the owner of the casino must have in the location a remote access terminal that allows viewing the information of the authorized gaming programs. Among the information that is requested is the commercial name of the game program, name of the manufacturer, identification code, and details of the downloads and updates made. When the server is located outside of the country, it must be proven to be in compliance with the international standard TIA-942 in level Tier III.

Like traditional slot machines, the slot machine models with server-based gaming technology must be previously evaluated by an authorized laboratory so its functioning can be authorized in the Peruvian territory. You may find the project in Spanish at